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List acquisition, folding, stuffing, direct addressing and mailing - they're the final steps in getting your printed project into your recipient's hands. Whether you're looking to reduce postage costs, speed up delivery or increase the response rate of your direct mail, we can offer you some very innovative solutions. DataSet offers expert consultation for all your mailing service needs. Contact us first, before the design stage, for input that could save postage costs. Along with C.A.S.S. certification, DataSet gives you automation discounts that guarantee you will be paying the lowest possible postage rates.


We can work directly from your camera ready art or electronic files ... or provide complete in-house creative services. Sometimes your files simply need a little adjustment, other times you need us to put together the whole creative package. We'll work closely with you throughout the design process .... then provide samples and proofs before we go to press so that your vision becomes a reality. When providing your own artwork, please follow our Guidelines for Submitting Artwork.


When you start to run out of floor space but still would like to order in larger quantities, you can utilize our warehouse at no extra cost. We ship out what you need, when you need it - managing your inventory so you don't have to. You'll be notified well in advance when supplies need to be reordered. 


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With our print procurement program, people in your organization can order and proof their business cards and other printed products from their desktop any time of day or night from your own completely branded, customized webpage.  Purchasing can control and approve each order if desired and customized reports can be generated to keep you on top of your print costs and usage.

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